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Been having a Saab since 2007. Found this place in 2012.  I over spent everywhere else. These people have great prices and don't keep you waiting long. DAD. 3/28/13


If you are a Saab nut, then you probably already know about these guys - they are a staple of the Atlanta Saab community.  Steve, Leslie - all these guys have been working on Saabs for decades and owned one of the first Saab dealerships in Atlanta.  These guys are your honest hardworking kind of guys that always give you the lowdown on what you really need done - which is a nice breather from the stealership.  Additionally when they do work they do it at a fraction of the stealership.  Although it's a very no frills operation, with old sofas and a small waiting room that doubles as the office, you get the money back that you would have spent on the more posh amenities of a ... again, stealership.    You might find yourself just standing in the car bays chatting with them about cars or the weather anyways. Scott P. Roswell, GA 11/29/2012

M&M Saab is the only place I will bring my 9-3.  The guys there know me by name and are as nice as can be.  They are the most honest and hardworking mechanics on the face of the earth and are leaps and bounds cheaper than Jim Ellis Saab (AVOID like the plague) or any other stealership.

They've taken care of my car on numerous accounts and have always done a professional job.  They've found used parts for me and allowed me to order them at-cost with no markup.  I could not give enough praise to this auto shop.  Thank god for this place!! 12/4/2008


Posted on 3/28/2005

Great Help

Certainly not the nicest decor, but these guys are very flexible -- they've saved me in several situations, helping me keep my SAAB on the road.

I have been doing business with Steve and Lindsey, the most knowledgeable Saab mechanics I have ever known, for well over 20 years. I have 5 Saabs, and other than myself, there is no one but them that I would allow to work on any of my cars. These Dealer trained Saab guys are so honest that it will really amaze you. I’ve personally seen Steve show customers that something did not need to be done that other shops said needed to be done. Steve will fix it right the first time and not charge you an arm and a leg. Because of their low overhead (being located in Woodstock), their labor rates are lower than anyone else’s. I think Lindsey was born with a special Saab tool in his hand. He is the grandson of Coke Elliott, the original Saab Dealer in Atlanta. He knows so much about Saabs that he is a walking encyclopedia of information. Do you like to work on your cars yourself? Well I do. They will help you with parts and technical help as well. MSM is great with parts and his prices are pretty great too! They also have a huge supply of used parts, which helps me with my 4 Classic 900ís. Submitted by Randy Kirk 

Bought my first SAAB in 1979, a V-4 pickle green 96. These guys made me understand what service and the fun of Saabing is all about. Since then I have owned 2 Sonnets, a 2 stroke 96, a 99, a 1979 900, a 1986 900 Turbo, still running smoothly according (@ 225K miles!) to the friend’s son who bought it. Now I am in a 1995 900 S, which happily just returned my family and myself safely from Disneyworld. Submitted by Jim T. 

Steve and Lindsay are STILL together, STILL going the extra mile to make sure I am running smooth. These guys also have a great new and used parts inventory, and I would suggest any Trollheads give them a try, you will be glad you did! Submitted by Phil Medley

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